Dishes and wines

At Casa Álvarez, the quality of our raw materials is cared for to the simplemest detail.

Rafael personally selects the ingredients and carefully plans the wine list to achieve total satisfaction of his customers.


All dishes at Casa Álvarez are homemade and cooked using traditional recipes, passed on from generation to generation.

The menu highlights the traditional Olla de pueblo, a year-round stew made with potato, thistle stalk, red beans, flour blood pudding, pork ribs or feet; Gazpacho Manchego, cake-based wth chicken, rabbit, pigeon, hare and mushrooms... recommended especially for the winter.

Paella is cooked over wood, as are our high-quality meats: steaks and different pork sausages... Oven-roasted lamb leg and local Entrecot also deserve a special mention. Lastly, we cannot forget the Orza, homemade pork soeciality.


We have an extensive wine cellar which is heavily dominated with Valencia wines: Hoya de cádenas, reserva privada, Ceremonia de Vicente Gandía, Cava Nuevo de Hoya de Cádenas, Nodus, Olivastro, also Riojas: Muga, Ramón Bilbao, Lagunilla, Marques de Cáceres, Beronia, and Ribera del Duero: Pesquera, Protos, Villa Mayor.